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Wilemans Belle Isle is a voluntary but very active neighborhood association. We have just under 540 homes in the area. Dues go toward: 


  • Quarterly newsletter that is mailed by the association

  • Landscaping and upkeep of our common areas including but not limited to our Adopt-a-Park at NW 56th Terrace and Penn

  • Membership to Constant Contact for our email alerts and crime updates

  • Garden Tour

  • Oktoberfest

  • Protection of properties from creek concerns and also commercial infringement

  • Flyers that need to be delivered throughout the year

  • Annual Meeting in April and Pizza

Annual Neighborhood Association Dues: $45 / year


Security Dues: $60 / quarter

You can now pay both dues online! (details below this)

Pay Annual Neighborhood Association Dues - $45.00

Pay Quarterly security dues - $260.00 yearly

Additional Donation (Optional)


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