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September 2021 Yard of the Month

2213 N.W. 56th Terrace

The September Yard of the Month is at 2213 N.W. 56th Terrace, owned by Terry and Louise Bass. They have lived in their Belle Isle home since 1992. When asked how Belle Isle has changed over all these years, Terry said it was the number of younger people, especially children, who now live in our neighborhood. He is quick to give Louise all the credit for their beautiful yard. Louise does the designing, planting, mulching, weeding and mowing herself. The red maple on the east side of the yard is particularly meaningful as it was given to her by co-workers in memory of her father, who passed away in 2020. When asked to describe her approach to gardening, Louise replied "easy prairie style". Obviously that is why their yard looks so good, despite the summer heat.

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