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Halloween Decoration & Chalk Art Contest Winners

Thanks to all the homeowners who got into the Halloween spirit to decorate their yards and houses, and their driveways with original Halloween art! With so much creativity in the neighborhood, the judges had a hard time deciding but finally came to an agreement.

Winning the Halloween Yard contest are Brendan and Carrie Parker at 5520 N. Barnes. Everyone will probably agree that the year 2020 needs to be nailed shut in a coffin. Runner up is Jonathan and Hallie Hill at 2416 N.W. 56th Street. Drive both of these houses, especially at night, for a real Halloween treat!

Thanks to all the homeowners who put their artistic skills to work chalking their driveways. Small drawings, full driveway scenes and Halloween greetings all made the judges smile. And the winners are Shawn and Leigh Love at 2104 NW 59th Place. Glad these two characters were able to find true love this Halloween season! Runner up is the driveway of the Thompson family who live at 2207 Dawn Marie Drive.

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